Frequently Asked Questions

What is SilverFile?

SilverFile is an intuitive, easy-to-use online case file that allows you to retain your current file structure while keeping vital case documents safe and sound.

How does SilverFile work?
    Using SilverFile is as easy as 1-2-3:
  1. Files come to your office in electronic and paper form.
  2. Your staff scans and saves paper files and saves electronic files to your SilverFile device, which seamlessly integrates with your office computer system.
  3. On-site staff accesses files straight from the in-office device. External clients, co-counsel, and out-of-office staff access files from a secure website.
Who owns the data on a SilverFile device?

Your firm. SilverFile was designed to allow you to maintain control over your files at all times.

Where is my SilverFile located?

SilverFile is a device installed and located in your own office. When you're on the road, you can access your files via a secure website at any time.

Is my information secure?

Yes. We perform monthly vulnerability and security auditing that meets PCI, HIPAA, SOX, and other stringent security standards. All Internet connections with your SilverFile device are handled through an SSL-encrypted connection optimized to handle secure file transfers. In addition, your SilverFile includes undelete functionality to help you recover accidentally deleted files, RAID configuration guards against disk failure and data loss, nightly remote back-ups to a secure location, and the option to create a redundant system to back up your files.

How do I access SilverFile data?

SilverFile documents can be accessed from your office computer or through a secure Web connection.

Can I control who sees which files?

SilverFile allows you to share documents with outside counsel, expert witnesses, clients, and other individuals. It's easy to customize access for outside users. You retain control over which files external users can and can't see and access.

What kind of training will I need to use SilverFile?

What about my staff? SilverFile guarantees it can train any partner or attorney to use its system in one hour or less. It will take one day or less for your support staff to get up to speed on how to use SilverFile. In addition, we offer online tutorials, user guides, and unlimited phone support in case you or your staff have any questions.

I have a PC/Mac/Linux machine/Windows server.

Is SilverFile compatible? Yes. SilverFile is compatible with all computers and networks. It will not interfere with any devices your office currently has.

Do I need to purchase equipment or software in order to install SilverFile?

No. We install, monitor, and maintain all hardware and software in your setup fee, no equipment required.

What are the network requirements for SilverFile?

In order to run SilverFile in your office, you'll need a broadband or DSL Internet connection, a networked office, and a hosted Web domain. We provide a free network assessment with every installation to make sure your office is SilverFile compatible.

What kind of customization does SilverFile offer?

SilverFile allows you to customize who sees what and how your files are organized. You can access SilverFile on your firm's Web domain (example: and your site can reflect your firm's preferred colors, logo, and Web identity.

What about revisioning?

SilverFile is not designed to provide revisioning services...and your physical file wasn't, either. We recommend Google Docs as a quick, "no-brainer" method for revisioning. As a Google authorized reseller, we are fully equipped to help your office transition to a Google-based system.

How will SilverFile affect the workflow at my law office?

SilverFile might just revolutionize the way you do business. By eliminating your physical file, you eliminate clutter, confusion, and power struggles over who can access the information everyone in your office needs to do a good job. Workflow and office relations are improved, saving time and hassle. Unlike other software "solutions" aimed at law firms, SilverFile integrates into a firm's daily life instead of detracting from productivity or distracting your staff.