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SilverFile is unrivaled in its ability to offer complete remote access to your firm’s files in a consistently reliable and simple to use format.  It’s nice to finally find a solution to access your files remotely that is inexpensive, easy to use and does not disappoint.  Whether you are working from home, out of town, or are in need of a file during an out-of-office deposition, SilverFile always allows you access to your firm and files.  I have also found it to be the most efficient and cost effective method to share files with experts and co-counsel.  In a recent case, I was able to communicate all discovery, which was in excess of 15,000 pages of documents, and over thirty depositions to my expert without printing out one piece of paper and without incurring the cost of sending the documents to the expert.  The communication was instant and organized.  All experts and co-counsel that have used SilverFile have been very impressed with the system, and so have I. 



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